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Commercial-Educational-Institutional-Municipal-Residential Contracting
Welcome to the Bultsma Excavating Website. Here you will find very
specific information regarding Bultsma Excavating & the quality
services we offer. Please take a few moments to view our entire
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Dewey "Duke" Bultsma became involved in the industry in 1977 working
for a local commercial excavating firm, and continued there until 1986
when he formed Bultsma Excavating , Inc. Today, Bultsma Excavating
obtains 99% of its gross revenue through commercial excavating
activities from a wide variety of individual public and private projects
ranging from $30,000 to well over $1,
800,000. Duke is still very much
involved in running the day to day operations both in the office as well
as in the field. He takes a complete hands-on approach in aiding in the
development of schedules as well as personally addressing any
problems that may arise. Duke is 100% dedicated to a quality finished
product as our portfolio attests.

Bultsma Excavating has a dedicated support staff made up of general
office, accounting, estimating, and project management personnel that
can answer any further questions you may have.